The World As A Garbage Dump


Living With Garbage:

090121-mexico-city-dump-hmed-2p.grid-6x2I hope we don’t wait until we find ourselves knee deep in garbage like a hoarder house until we take some action. People try to move to a more rural place only to find that their home is over a toxic waste dump or a nearby business is poisoning the ground water. Living near the large farm factories is fraught with dangers. Being large they have more power than you. Their pesticides and fecal wastes could ruin the soil, air and water.

The term small world is so true. The earth is not unlimited. It can go on and exist in some form without us. We cannot exist in just any old environment.

Space is also being filled with junk. Old, no longer used, lost and broken equipment continues to reside in outer space. The issue with that is they can come falling back to earth causing death and destruction.

Garbage Dumping in Poor Neighborhoods:

neighborhood garbage Dump sites comprised of filth, trash and toxic materials seem to find their way to the poorer areas. It is believed that this is on purpose. People who live there have less power be it economic or political. In some instances the dumping is done illegally under the cloak of darkness. Neighborhood activists along with the residents of these communities are fighting back.

Shipping Garbage Overseas:

120425054535-garbology-la-horizontal-large-galleryShipping the rubbish to poor communities then poor countries is just delaying the problems and adding new ones. Some of the Somali pirates were using the fact that their waters were used as toxic dump sites by richer nations as reasons that they could no longer be fishermen. Of course the problem is more complicated than that but being surrounded by toxic waters and living next to toxic dumps can limit your occupational choice as your health and lifestyle.

E-waste is shipped to places where they are supposed to be recycled if possible. They are taken apart sometimes by children and the hard drives of computers are separated and sold. Of course some people who are looking for information to use in criminal activities buy them. Others are just looking for computer parts.